Mexico’s footwear market recovers and opens an anti-dumping procedure

Mexico’s footwear market recovers and opens an anti-dumping procedure

Production in Mexico has recovered, even if it’s being threatened by imports. “We are in constant recovery. By the end of this year, production volume should be just 5% below that of 2019”, said Mauricio Battaglia, president of CICEG, the Chamber of Commerce for Footwear in Guanajuato. Mr. Battaglia acts as intermediary between the government and the footwear cluster that is currently preparing an anti-dumping procedure for 4 out of 10 pairs of imported shoes.

Mexico’s footwear market recovers

After the strong decrease brought on by the pandemic and the appreciation of the local currency, the footwear segment is recovering. This will bring production volumes in the Guanajuato district to get close to pre-pandemic levels. According to estimates from CICEG, production by the end of 2023 should be just 5% below that of 2019. (source:

Anti-dumping procedure

Yet, the local segment is highly concerned with the growth of imports. Many of the foreign pairs, say Mexican manufacturers, are being dumped. According to CICEG, during the first semester of 2023, imports increased 14.43%. It seems reasonable, then, that the Guanajuato footwear district is preparing an anti-dumping procedure against shoes being imported into the country at a lower-than-reasonable price. Online sales are also under the microscope, as there are few regulations and operators paying lower taxes, thus bringing an advantage to them.

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