Argentina suspends duty on leather export up to the end of the year

Argentina suspends duty on leather export up to the end of the year

They formerly announced, at the end of June, that suspension of customs duties, imposed on leather export, would be set on a bi-monthly basis. They have now officially extended it until 31st December. “In Italy, there is nothing more permanent than something provisional”, used to say Prezzolini: it seems one can apply such aphorism to Argentina as well. As reported by local press, the Casa Rosada has published, in the Official Journal, an extension to suspension of customs duties formerly imposed on international leather trade.

Leather export

As a matter of fact, they first implemented such measure, at the beginning of summer, to encourage the industry, while dealing with a weak market scenario deeply hit by Coronavirus outbreak. For the records, still they have not overcome this precarious and uncertain situation. “Global health emergency, due to the pandemic – they emphasized in a statement – brought about a heavy downturn in leather export standards”. On top of that, “they have been stockpiling raw hides and skins in the meat processing industry – they continued in the press release –: because of it, they are now facing unwanted environmental and health repercussions and consequences, which might jeopardize the business running”. That is why in Argentina they therefore consider provisional suspension of customs duties, imposed on exports, as a suitable solution for clearing raw hides and skins out of their warehouses.

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