Mondialsuole bankruptcy, production restarts under new ownership

Fallimento Mondialsuole, la produzione riparte con nuove proprietà

Mondialsuole Group bankruptcy: now production restarts under new ownership. A local entrepreneur bought Mondial Plast plant in Porto Recanati. The same fate also befell Mondial Suole production site, also in Porto Recanati, which is now being restructured. Rumours want it to restart soon. The third plant in which Mondial Due operated in the coastal municipality has received offers to be bought. And it could soon be put up for auction by the bankruptcy receivership.

Mondialsuole Group bankruptcy

The plants of Mondial Suole Group will not remain skeletons. They have attracted the interest of local entrepreneurs, and will probably all be given a new lease of life. In early March, the Court of Macerata declared Mondial Suole and Mondial Plast bankrupt. The bankruptcy ruling also came for Mondial Due. The companies belonged to the same group and operated three industrial buildings.

Warehouses at auction

The warehouses of Mondial Suole and Mondial Plast were the subject of two auctions called by the bankruptcy receivership. The former Mondial Plast went to a local entrepreneur who restarted production and the auction for the former Mondial Suole plant was also successful. According to Il Resto del Carlino, the building is being renovated. And according to rumours, production could restart soon. Optimism also filters through for the former Mondial Due factory. A local entrepreneur has reportedly submitted an offer to the bankruptcy receivership. The auction of this property is also expected to take place in the next few days. Therefore, there is a real possibility that this building too will follow the same path taken by the other two.

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