Mourning for Don Ohsman, founder of Hidenet, who left the world at 78: “enthusiastic voice in favour of leather”

A life dedicated to leather, which is an industry of which he never ceased to be an outspoken supporter. Don Oshman passed at the age of 78, due to a rare blood tumour disease, in the United States. He was born in 1940 surrounded by leather, surrounded by his family company (Ohsman and Sons), for which he worked once he became a university graduate. In 1979 he creates Trans World Hide Corporation, international company based on the commerce of leather, and starts building on what, in 1997, will become his new project. In that same year he sells Trans World Hide Corporation to Seton Leather and dedicates himself, full time, to the spreading of periodical bulletins and summaries of the tanning raw material’s market. Hidenet is born. Known for his particular irony, his optimism and enthusiasm, Don Ohsman has also worked with our very own magazine, in the past. La Conceria’s Editorial Board joins in the mourning for his loss and sends condolences to his family and colleagues.


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