New Balance, 65 million to double the footwear plant in Maine

New Balance, 65 million to double the footwear plant in Maine

New Balance is investing 65 million USD to double the footwear plant of Skowhegan, in Maine. The investment means to increase the production capacity and create 200 additional jobs, bringing the total to 450. New Balance’s HQ in Boston controls 5 fully owned plants in New England and one in Flimby, UK.

Made in the USA

New Balance is focusing on the made in the USA concept. And that’s why it’s investing 65 million to double the capacity of the Skowhegan site. Construction and the purchase of new machinery are all part of the plan, which will add 11,000 square meters to the existing plant, says Footwear News. The latter has been owned by the brand since 1985, and the company plans on also renovating the existing 2,000 square meters. This plant will supposedly be ready to move in by the end of August, while construction will be completed by the end of 2024. The investment is the response to the need of supporting the growing demand of made in USA shoes (especially the 990v5 model). National manufacturing was always considered to be fundamental for New Balance’s activities.

No supply chain interruptions

New Balance is the largest producer of sporting shoes in the United States. This allowed the brand to avoid, or at least absorb, the supply chain interruptions that impacted others during the last two years, especially in Asia. Last March, New Balance opened a new 7,500 square meters plant in Methuen, Massachusetts, to bring its total number of sites to 5 for the USA. The building’s renovation costed the brand 20 million USD, and it now employs 90 people.

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