Peru to invest 30 million dollars to foster domestic industry while cooperating with Bolivian footwear manufacturers

Peru is going to invest 30 million dollars in the livestock and farming industry. Minister Gustavo Mostajo made it public and pointed out that fund allocation primarily aims to foster livestock farming and, subsequently, production of milk, meat and leather as well. The money funds, allocated by the government, will enable farmers to grow over 41,000 hectares of grazing land, therefore providing a sound opportunity to feed herds with plenty of fodder. Shortly after, cattle units will be killed, and their skins and hides will be sold, or tanned, to support, as remarked by Minister Mostajo, productivity and the incomes of agricultural families based in the Andean highlands. On top of that, Peruvian government is also focusing multiple efforts on footwear manufacturing. In fact, Peru’s central administration started a cooperation project between the National Institute of Research for Leather and Footwear (CITECCAL) and some Bolivian artisan shoe makers. The project, which is due to actively engage about 250 companies, has kicked off recently: a group of representatives of APROCALVIE, Bolivia’s industrial association, formally visited a few enterprises located around El Alto, a small town close to La Paz. Such collaboration will presumably improve and upgrade, in terms of quality, production of components and raw materials in the footwear industry.


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