Trump and Biden: airplanes, leather, footwear (explained by Silvano Lattanzi)

Trump and Biden: airplanes, leather, footwear (explained by Silvano Lattanzi)

Silvano Lattanzi explaines footwear to Joe Biden, in relations to the recent fall of the newly-elected president while climbing aboard Air Force One. Another airplane is the main character of a story involving Mr. Biden’s predecessor, Mr. Trump. The ex-president’s plane, which he had renamed Trump Force One, which has leather interiors and gold decorations, is blocked inside a small airport in the state of New York. It’s still to be determined what will be of it.

Silvano Lattanzi explaines footwear to Joe Biden

According to Silvano Lattanzi, Job Biden fell twice while climbing up the stairs to Air Force One because he was wearing shoes that were too long. Mr. Lattanzi wrote it in a virtual letter to the US president, which he published on his Facebook profile. The shoes worn by Mr. Biden are, allegedly, 5 cm longer than the president’s actual foot. The luxury craftsman has offered to shorten them by between 3 and 4 centimeters. All the while, he also explains other technical and qualitative solutions to avoid falling on the presidential stairs.

The leather in Trump Force One

Different story applies to the story of the Boeing 757 renamed Trump Force one by the ex-president. He purchased the plane in 2010 from billionaire Paul Allen. He personalized it with various modifications. For example: suede leather interiors and cream-colored seats with the family “insignia” sowed on them in gold color. Now, this plane which used to be one of Trump’s symbol of powers, as said by CNN, is sitting in a small airport in Orange County, New York. Nobody seems to know what will happen to it, including its leather.

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