Real vs. Fake leather: from the green fashion comes the “Leather from wine”

Doubts about the new trend of “100% vegetable leather” material derived from scraps of viticulture (the fibres and the pomace oils). The product is made “without using a drop of fuel, without using polluting substances, without consuming water and without, of course, not even kill an animal.” It is Wine leather, a material developed by Vegea Italian, recently awarded with the Global Change Award from the H & M Group and presented to the public during the exhibition Vinitaly (Verona, 9-13 April). “Wine leather is free of all harmful impacts on ecosystems created by the manufacturers of traditional animal skin, the animal suffering to tanning waste employing acids and heavy metals that pollute the soil and water. Also, the chemical tanning has significant damage on the health of those involved in tanning, “said the press release. Doubts also about how you will be able to produce “three billion square meters per year of Wine leather, the equivalent of 400,000 football fields” as claimed by the same inventors. Given the dubious validity of foundations, UNIC, the National Union Tanning Industry, has filed a request for rectification of the damaging statements for the dignity of the leather to the daily news outlets (including Corriere della Sera and Il Sole 24 Ore). A reminder was also sent to Vegea because you change the information posted on its website.



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