Rising a new age for footwear. Porto 2018: focus on innovation at UITIC 20th convention

Call for papers is due on 20 December: by that time innovators who want to take part in next convention set up by UITIC, the international association of footwear specialists, will submit their works. By 30 January the scientific board will announce the list of speech participants. Next rendez-vous then in Porto, 16-18 May, 2018. The executive board of the footwear specialists association, along with APICCAPS ( the Portuguese acronym for footwear and leather) and CTCP (the Portuguese tech centre for footwear industry) sets up the roadmap to UITIC 20th  international convention. “From Fashion to Factory: a New Technological Age”: from fashion to manufacturing, a new age is rising for footwear. Technological and digital innovations urge fashion and manufacturing to renovate themselves. The industry players will gather in Porto to share ideas and best practice.


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