At Lineapelle97, Polimoda’s projects range from accessories to communication

Polimoda a Lineapelle 97

Presenting the best accessories, designed with Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo in a few training projects. Outlining a photograph tale of the exhibition three-day-event. Furthermore, developing a capsule collection composed of seven merchandising products. On October 2-4, Polimoda students will not be just guests, as they will be playing a leading role at Lineapelle97, the fashion materials international fair. They will spotlight three projects, which put together a culture of materials, products and communication. Focusing on the “hands on” educational method, implemented in the academy, which completes theory training with practical projects.

Shoe & Bag Design Exhibition

Shoes and bags. The best collections, created by the Master in Shoe Design students in partnership with Salvatore Ferragamo, and made by the Master in Bag Design students in partnership with Valentino, will be on exhibit at Lineapelle in a special area, which will house emerging talents coming from Italy’s best fashion schools (Creativity Can’t Be Contained corner). Bag designers Cristina Maximciuc and Eve Lu will present their own collections, “ADAPTNATION” and “5 THEMES” respectively. Shoe designers Tara Lombergarcon and Wall Cooper will show their collections as well, “SENSATIONS” and “Performance Pedestrian” respectively. They carried out the project in collaboration with Lineapelle, which supported the educational supply of both masters.

Lineapelle Phototelling

Tommaso Bruno, Agatha Eliseeva, Gaia Giomarelli and Beatrice Vesprini, who are attending the Undergraduate in Fashion Art Direction course, final year, will tell about the fair, in real time, while carrying out the Lineapelle Phototelling project. Lineapelle will publish their spontaneous photographs on its communication channels, from website to social networks, and La Conceria magazine as well.

Lineapelle Merchandising Collection

Started in May 2019, the Lineapelle Merchandising Collection project has engaged students attending the following courses: Undergraduate in Fashion Marketing & Communications, Fashion Product Management, Leather Technology and Fashion Design Management. Students will join the fair on the lookout for inspiration, while facing a prospective challenge. They will have to make a capsule collection, for Lineapelle, composed of seven merchandising products. While working in a team, four players each, at the end of November they will present their own project, including a graphic design and a product mock-up. A panel of examiners will choose the best project to be achieved.



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