Runwastable: sartorial upcycling sneakers from old biker jackets

Runwastable: sartorial upcycling sneakers from old biker jackets

Vintage leather jackets reused to create upcycling sneakers. The Tuscan brand Run Of evolves through the Runwastable project. Focus: creating unique pieces. “Also, the right shoe is different from the left one. The first Run Of collection was presented in February 2020 as a start-up and, since then, our brand has grown steadily”, says Livorno-based designer Matteo Ciuti. This is thanks to the collaboration with Boemos shoe factory in Fucecchio, which has supported the idea from the start to diversify its proposals.

Upcycling trainer

Run Of’s upcycling trainer is conceived as “a shoe that lasts over time“, with the same concept as classic leather shoes. Therefore, whoever buys a Runwastable also receives the jacket used to create it. “The leftover of the jacket goes to whoever buys the shoe and can be used for repairs,” explains Ciuti. “The theme is durability. We want to reintroduce the concept of the good, handmade shoe, which costs money but guarantees a longer life”.

Choose the jacket, try on the shoes

The shopping experience is also designed in an original way. Runwastable shoes are auctioned off online or a customer buys them on an “absolute exclusive” basis. He tries on the shoe in the basic white model, then chooses the second-hand jacket from a selection. So, the shoe is built especially for him: a sartorial sneaker“.

Delivery and price

Like any hand-customised product, this one “needs its own time. It’s a different kind of purchase. It takes about three weeks to receive your sneakers”. The Run Of sneakers have a price range of 225-260 euros, while the recycling sneakers start at 600 euros and are unisex models.

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