San Mauro Pascoli and the future of shoes: Tech4Fashion Hub is born

San Mauro Pascoli and the future of shoes: Tech4Fashion Hub is born

Tech4Fashion Hub is born in Villa Torlonia: the innovative startups’ incubator for the footwear segment is the first of its kind in the Romagna region and is born thanks to the initiative by the city of San Mauro Pascoli. Supporting the project is Cercal, for training and contents, and the region of Emilia-Romagna, which is contributing the funds.

Tech4Fashion Hub

“The project is the evolution of Cercal Lab, created in 2015 with over 30 projects supported – explains Cercal’s director, Serena Musolesi –. Here we take an additional step forward on advanced entrepreneurial projects that can count on a series of services. For example: coworking occasions and a team of people supporting the project”. But also “support on legal and administrative matters, networking with other entrepreneurial initiatives, market knowledge”.

The site

News: the (historically prestigious) site, “will host Tech4Fashion Hub, while the laboratories and tools will remain in Cercal’s school – explains the mayor of San Mauro Pascoli, Luciana Garbuglia –. Creating a copy wouldn’t have made sense. The start of work is expected to happen in September, and we plan on being done by the end of the year”. This is the first step in the process of moving Cercal to Villa Torlonia, which has been part of the plan for decades. “We planned it. It’s part of an urban regeneration project worth 5 million euro. Here it takes time to do things, but we plan on completing the process once we receive financing”.


The total costs for the project amount to 310,500 euro (238,050 euro financed by the town of San Mauro Pascoli, 72,450 euro by Cercal). The region’s contribution amounts to 248,400 euro, equal to 80% of expenses that can be financed in this manner. Startups can now “apply” to become part of the incubator: the provided support is free for the first 9 months.

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