UNIC Assembly: 2015 complicated, but dynamic for the Italian tanning. Slight reduction and international leadership confirmed

The economic situation was and is difficult. The near future offers no particular hypothesis of simplification, starting with the effects, all to understand, of Brexit. Despite the difficult context, however, the picture of the Italian tanning industry, presented this morning at “Stelline” in Milan, on the occasion of the Annual Assembly of UNIC (Italian Tanning Industry Association), shows a tenacious vitality and confirms its leadership (productive and qualitative) in Europe and in the world. In 2015 the production has undergone a limited decrease, declared at around -2% in both value (5.2 billion Euros) and volume (124 million square meters of finished leather, 26 thousand tons of sole leather). The same trend for exports, amounting to 4 billion euro, which fall down 2% of their value compared to 2014, influencing for 77%  the national turnover. Hard and “variegated” the view of footwear destination which last year ordered the 6% less skin. Less marked slowdown of leathergoods and furnishings (-1%), stable clothing, growing the automotive sector that is worth 10% of national production, and between 20 and 25% of the Venetian one. Data reaffirm the leading role of the tricolor tanning at international level: in Europe are Italian 65% of production (second place for Spain, with 9%), 78% of tanneries and 53% of employees, while in the world the 19% of all the produced skin is Italian. Outlook on 2016? Very cautious. Close the year as in 2015 is the hope of all.


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