Donatella Versace and Marco Bizzarri explain the future of fashion

Donatella Versace e Marco Bizzarri spiegano il futuro della moda

Fashion and fashion shows post Coronavirus. Donatella Versace and Marco Bizzarri (Gucci’s CEO) explain the future of fashion. The positions of the two protagonists have many similarities, from the shows we will see, to the evaluation of Conte Government, up to fashion as a tool to dream and rejoice again.

The future of fashion

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Versace (picture, on the right) acknowledges that she does not know “what the future of the fashion shows will be like”. Versace would like a “middle ground” between traditional shows and digital shows, and think of it as a moment “perhaps scaled down, more intimate…”. In what way? The creative director of the maison controlled by Capri Holdings believes that “it is very difficult and unproductive to make forecasts today, and then have to start again with the evolution of the all variables involved”. Versace applauds the behaviour of the government “which is doing an exemplary job” and thinks about the next collection: “It must have an even stronger message, be a breaking point. It may be more concentrated, but for this I would like it to hit directly to the heart and make people say: I want it! Fashion has always been a dream”.

As Bizzarri says

Even Bizzarri, interviewed by WWD (picture, in the left), believes that physical events will not disappear in favour of digital ones: the two presentation modes will complement each other. Another statement in tune with the creative director, is the one linked to the Italian government which according to Bizzarri “moved quickly, sending a clear message and making decisions, while they were being pressed from all sides”. Looking ahead, Bizzarri sees an increase in digital meetings and the use of virtual reality. “Things change every two or three days, and we must respond quickly to new problems, we must be flexible. Meetings – he explains – are faster and get to the point quickly. We still work a lot, but in a different way”. In addition to seeing “encouraging signs from China”, Bizzarri imagines the new consumer not very different from the pre-pandemic one:I” think things will not change radically, because fashion is made to give joy. Perhaps there will be more sobriety, as has happened after other crises, in 2001 and 2008: we will be repeating ourselves”.

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