Tamara Mellon’s brand speeds up thanks to 50 more million dollars coming from investments

Il berand creato da Tamara Mellon cresce del 136% nel 2018

Tamara Mellon’s footwear business is going to enjoy a remarkable boost thanks to 50 more million dollars coming from investments, recently carried out. Top character, in the story, is Centricus, an investment company headquartered in London. They have joined the list of the brand investors, such as American Nea, a venture capital company, and French-American Quadrille Capital investment firm. Overall capital assets collected by Jimmy Choo former chief executive officer (and founder of the brand as well) have been rising up to 87 million dollars now.

The brand (led by Tamara Mellon together with Jilly Layfield) is aiming to make use of such new capital assets to “implement manufacturing innovation, enhance retail sales (by opening five new stores next year) and carry out additional continuous investments in the brand itself”. The company is also planning to augment their own work team, from 40 to 60 employees, by the end of 2019. According to a press release, Tamara Mellon’s business increased considerably fast throughout 2018: +136%, compared to 2017. The brand is available only online and in their own store, based in Los Angeles, at the Palisades Village. Its mobile traffic went up by over 80%, since the company is one of the first luxury brands that embedded Apple’s business chat in the user interface.

Pictures taken from tamaramellon.com


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