Convergence to Premium 1 | Hugo Boss lowers prices by 30% and returns to grow in 2018

First move: reduction of the prices by 30% with a realignment of the catalogue will be completed in 2018. Then it will be the time for the gathering of the different brands under few umbrellas. The label Boss Orange and Boss Green will no longer be an independent label, but they will fall in the main label, while the Hugo brand will remain independent and will be focussed on collections aimed at young people. The main aim is to stabilise in 2017 and to start growing again in 2018. These are the main steps of the recovery plan prepared by the new Hugo Boss CEO, Mark Langer. The German brand, which closed the first nine months of 2016 with sales down 2.05 to 1.96 billion of euro, gives up the luxury sector and seeks salvation in the premium- sphere: Langer’s keywords during the Investor day of London, reported by Reuters, were “trendy collections” and “attractive prices.”



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