Tod’s Factory to start a new “unconventional” stage while appointing Alber Elbaz for next collection

Tod’s keep doing things their way while starting a new stage of the T Factory initiative, “a creative workshop that aims to carry out innovative and unconventional projects”. Focus on a very topical theme, saying farewell to seasons, which we spotlighted in the cover survey in the issue n.3/2019 of our monthly magazine. Looking at that, Tod’s have hired Alber Elbaz, former fashion designer of Lanvin, to build up a new collection that will be ready within next summer. According to the T Factory project, Tod’s are going to give Elbaz carte blanche: in other words, he will be able to use his free creativity to work on his “iconographic heritage”. While speaking to MFFashion, Diego Della Valle announced new and considerable investments to change the brand’s supply model through the implementation of 3 new formats. He pointed out: “Once we used to play as seasonal companies; now, conversely, we are becoming dynamic enterprises, and our supply is more and more changeable. All this entails a huge sacrifice, but it also proves to be an opportunity I could never grab in the past. I never thought I would arrange the industry the way I am doing”.


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