You have to get on the list for the 990 dollars Hermès clogs

You have to get on the list for the 990 dollars Hermès clogs

A coveted clog model like a Birkin. There’s a waiting list for the 990 dollars Hermès clogs. What is special about them? They are in leather (inside and out) and made in Italy: they are a real fashion product. Which demonstrates, among other things, once again, the prevailing trend of consumers to prefer comfortable shoes. But is the French brand’s clog a glamorous and chic shoe? The debate is open, while the clog seems to have become the it-shoe of the moment.

Hermès clogs

Hermès launched its version of the clog in October 2020 in Paris, during its spring ’21 show. From the outside, the model is similar to the traditional one in wood and leather upper fixed with nails. The French brand made it with shiny calfskin on the outside, goatskin on the inside, natural wood sole and palladium hardware. It is made in Italy, and perfected by the brand’s footwear master, Pierre Hardy. A spokesperson for Hermès informs Footwear News that there is no formal waiting list, but she confirmed that there are many fans waiting, as the clogs have sold out in recent weeks.

The complete offer

The Hermès model is the symbol of a fashion trend that seems to have broken out. Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Celine offer clogs, as do other brands from all segments. The hoof has always been an element of division. There are those who adore it and those who consider it ugly and uncomfortable, like Christian Louboutin who, as reported by the Financial Times, once said: “I hate the concept of clogs! It’s fake, it’s ugly and it’s not even comfortable”. Carola Long, deputy fashion editor of the FT, makes it a matter of time: “If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that life is too short for shoelaces”.

Photo from Footwear News

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