Zanotti: “We had become gears in a mechanism gone mad”

Zanotti: “We had become gears in a mechanism gone mad”

Patience, dignity and awareness. These are the key words for the recovery of Giuseppe Zanotti. According to the stylist active in San Mauro Pascoli, the segment should do more than just shrug off the effects of Covid-19. It must also take advantage of the situation to regenerate itself, because fashion has become a “mechanism gone mad”. Zanotti’s awareness comes from one of its first times working with leather. The brand has also crafted the shoes worn by Lady Gaga during Joe Biden’s inauguration (in picture on the right).

A mechanism gone mad

Giuseppe Zanotti (in the picture on the left), used the lockdown period to reflect. “We had reduced ourselves to be gears of a mechanism gone mad, slaves to a system that demanded continuous presentations and launches of new collections”. The stylist also cites Federico Fellini to news source il Resto del Carlino: “We were all extras participating in a circus, unaware that, sooner or later, the magic would have disappeared”. Zanotti believes in the future, but does fear for that “human capital” that is at the base of the success that made-in-Italy fashion has experiences. “We will come out of this emergency as we did after World Wars. It won’t be immediate, but rather small steps. With patience and dignity though, we will put the pieces back together. Italians have the creativity and ingenuity to do so”.

What’s needed to recover

In order to facilitate a recovery, Zanotti asks the government for “long-term strategies”. The designer believes the key word to be awareness. “During summer, when I was a boy, I used to help out some artisans with their footwear shops – he concludes -. One day, as I was cutting leather, I cut myself decisively on the finger. My boss told me: that’s a good start. Everybody around was laughing, but I learned one important lesson: next time I wouldn’t have made the same mistake. My awareness grew”.

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