Leather meets up with architecture at Lineapelle93: craftsmanship and digital technology go hand in hand

Earlier in the morning at Lineapelle93 they have presented the Code-Structed Skins project: a new dealing with design where digital technology and craftsmanship meet up. “The aim of our project is to figure out how architecture and fashion may represent design at present and in the future – says Stefano Paiocchi – in charge of Code-Structed Skins, while taking part in the today seminar -. We have tried to implement a project starting from geometrical single components, then developing all potential changes through digital technology”. Such modus operandi enabled us to create some products, such as leather bags and clothes, that are still prototypes for the time being. We chose leather as “it may be the perfect solution to help the market warmly welcome these geometrical patterns, which are by all means unusual and still uncommon. As a matter of fact, when we think about a bag, we think about leather”.



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