Fur counterattacks, as International Fur Federation stands up against haters by launching The Responsible Choice campaign

Traceability and sustainability are meant to prevent and tackle attacks that may jeopardize “the survival of the fur industry”. Several brands, such as Gucci, Versace, Furla and others, have removed furs from their own collections. Now the fur industry stands up against such decision, on an international scale, and launches the Natural Fur – The Responsible Choice campaign. Yesterday International Fur Federation, represented by CEO Mark Oaten, presented the campaign in Milan. As reported by Pambianconews, the very first pragmatic action they are going to take is an advertising brochure they will give out in a number of key markets, including Italy. Secondly, they will set up some projects about fur traceability, therefore telling about the animals’ life conditions and, as well, describing the companies’ main manufacturing processes. On such basis, they will convey the industry transparency, in addition to the value and the intrinsic natural quality of the product itself. The aim, points out Oaten while talking to the Italian portal, is to achieve a “certification about fur full global sustainability, including the welfare of animals, environment and social responsibility, starting from the workers’ safeguard”. IFF have already put forth their campaign, along with the brochure, at Condé Nast International Luxury Conference, held in Lisbon (IFF was one of the sponsors of the congress). The fashion industry has received the first message.



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