The no-fur violence against Marc Jacobs is a warning to us all

The no-fur violence against Marc Jacobs is a warning to us all

Picketing in shops, farces at fashion weeks, smear campaigns on social and media. To all this we are now accustomed. But the violence that has been unleashed against Marc Jacobs, his team and his employees represents a dangerous leap forward. Because a no-fur organisation (which we won’t mention so as not to give them further publicity) has attacked people’s privacy, with stakeouts not only outside their offices, but also their homes. And with protests resulting in symbolically aggressive demonstrations, such as throwing fake blood on the walls of homes.

The no-fur against Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs vented on Instagram about the “bullying” he was subjected to. This post, precisely so as not to provide a new platform for the perpetrators, does not explain the circumstances of such bullying. The New York Times takes care of that. The militants of the no-fur acronym have not forgiven the American designer for having used fur (a material that his brand has not used since 2018, if not recycled) on the occasion of his collaboration with Fendi. They have therefore made it the subject of an all-out hate campaign, which makes no distinction between the professional and private spheres of those who work for Marc Jacobs.

It’s violence

As NSS reports, the leader of the no-fur acronym does not accept that his initiative is described as “violent”. Although he claims that “a dozen arrests” among his militants for smashing shop windows and protesting outside the house is an acceptable price for what is at stake. “Giving a warning – that is – to the next person to consider not giving up fur”. If animal rights activists pretend not to understand this, it is good that we say so. Forcing others “to do, tolerate or omit something” is private violence, according to the penal code. Threatening in the press or with bribes, then, puts one at a higher level than bullies: it is a terrorist method.

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