“Help! Animal-rights activists are around!”. French fur association sets up toll-free number for green assaults victims

Every now and then, animal-rights activists curse at ladies, who are walking around in the shopping streets wearing a fur. It happens in Italy, and much more in France. Such assaults have become a real social problem in the French country: that’s why Fédération Française des Métiers de la Fourrure, the French fur association, has set up a toll-free number to provide victims of stalking with “attention, support and legal advice”. “Every week fur lovers get assaulted in the streets, either verbally or physically, by radical animal-rights activists”, says the association in their press release. Furthermore, this urges the fashion world to get fully aware of how risky the situation can be. Such exacerbated reality may be harmful for the whole leather industry: “Fashion houses, which all of a sudden denigrate and criticize furs, to enhance their image profits, despite their using other materials of animal origin, are implementing a short-sighted strategy. In fact, in the next future, leather, wool and silk will be the activists’ new target”. (Photo from bergamonews.it)


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