It’s all-out war on furs, as International Fur Federation denounces, in a video, faux fur “hidden social costs”

IFF (International Fur Federation) fights back while posting a video on YouTube (you may watch it by framing QR code) to point out that natural fur has no impact on environment. Conversely, faux fur manufacturing implicates “a number of hidden social costs – says IFF -. In fact, faux fur is made of polyester and nylon, which are primarily accountable for polluting emissions of microfibers. Such non-biodegradable emissions, coming from plastic, may expand rapidly and accumulate in the waters within the range of several kilometers off the coast side”. They will present the video at the major fur exhibitions worldwide. “Basically, lack of information is misleading, since most people tend to consider faux fur more sustainable, and many fashion designers have been walking along this path”, points out Nancy Daigneault, manager of IFF. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) promptly replied standing up against tanneries: “While processing furs, tanneries make use of chemicals that are going to be discharged; in contrast, no chemicals are employed in the manufacturing of faux furs nor in the production of materials of non-animal origin”. It’s all-out war.


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