Valentino Roman Stud: 5 hours of work in a 90-seconds video

Valentino Roman Stud: 5 hours of work in a 90-seconds video

Let’s put it this way: there is little to write here. Consequently, there is just as little to read. In other words: there is only to watch, taking 9 seconds of your time to get lost in this video. Valentino shared it, first of all launching it on the Moda & Beauty platform of the newspaper La Repubblica. And it tells in 90 seconds the 5 hours of work to make a bag from the Roman Stud line.

5 hours of work in 90 seconds

To make the bag that celebrates 10 years of the Rockstud collection, a real goose that lays golden eggs for Valentino for Valentino, it takes 1.3 square meters of lambskin and 28 studs. That is, the decorative motifs that, as Moda & Beauty explains, have “transformed the studs from a symbol of rebellion into an embodiment of elegance, and this time blend with ashlar, the decorative motif of Roman buildings”. Then, what is needed is the marvellous artisan intelligence of those making the Roman Stud in a 5-hours processing.

Mastery Tales

And here we come to the video that you can admire by clicking here. Ninety seconds of processing phases that follow one another with an almost ritual rhythm. The video is the second chapter of Valentino Garavani’s Mastery Tales. The first, shared on social media on March 20, tells in a sort of instant movie the incredible skill required to make a pair of Crochet Sneakers, applying the macrame technique to sports footwear. You can see it by clicking here

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