No-fur short circuits: House of Fraser forgot about it

Cortocircuiti no fur: House of Fraser s’era dimenticata di esserlo

Triumphantly entering the no fur world is easy. It just needs a press release. However, they must be careful. Because short circuits are just around the corner, as are debacles and controversies. For example, House of Fraser had forgotten to be fur free. Meaning? The chain of British department stores has adopted the policy of absolute-no to natural hair for over ten years. Except then being distracted, so to speak, on the inserts of its clothes.

The controversy

The controversy started in mid-November against animal rights activists. The cause of the scandal, we said, are the rabbit and raccoons fur inserts of some coats that are regularly sold in House of Fraser stores. From Twitter, the debate is gliding, among the usual threats of protests and boycott, towards traditional media. The Independent reports that now at the top management of SportsDirect, new sign holders, nothing was left to do but apologise. And take the disputed garments off the shelves.

No fur short circuit

House of Fraser was the protagonist in 2017 of a similar incident. At the time, laboratory analysis showed that garments labeled as “faux fur” were actually made of genuine fur. In the same problem incurred some e-commerce portals at the beginning of 2018. And something like that has just happened in Melbourne, too. Where animalists are challenging 12 products: sold in the markets of Queen Victoria and South Melbourne as “fake fur”, they use authentic animal fur. With the paradox that nothing prevented producers and distributors from presenting the materials for what they are, natural leather with fur. While false labelling, of course, is not allowed.

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