Can we live without the (leather) snowman bag?

Can we live without the (leather) snowman bag?

After the Watermelon Bag comes the Yukidaruma Bag. That is: the bag to carry a snowman. And that’s not all. There’s also the Wine Glass Bag, which might almost seem like a trivial idea when juxtaposed with the Skipping Stone Bag, which is used to carry flat stones. Yes, the ones you throw at the water surface trying to bounce them as many times as possible. Welcome to the world of crazy leather from Japanese brand Tsuchiya Kaban and its The Fun of Carrying collection. It sounds crazy, but in a world like today’s, a little levity doesn’t hurt. As long as it’s in leather, of course, and translated into real, wearable accessories by various craftsmen.

The (leather) snowman bag

How can you not need a snowman bag without melting it? Japanese designer and craftswoman Yuko Matsuzawa felt the need for one. Her skill was to hold the bag suspended and then sew along the snowman-shaped curve, as you can see by clicking here. All this, adjusting the direction and speed of the stitching and making sure the stitches were evenly spaced. The leather used for the curious bag is waterproof and oil-resistant, thanks to the application of a strong waterproofing agent that penetrates deeply. Inside, the bag is lined with heat-insulating polyester. Finally, a waterproof zip prevents any possible infiltration.

Skipping Stone Belt

Yuko Sasaki has designed a useful bag for carrying a goblet-shaped glass. The distinctive feature of the leather cup holder is its ability to “twist”. The inspiration for this design element was a pleated skirt. This leather was cut into triangles and trapezoids, then assembled. Nanba Keu, on the other hand, designed and produced the Skipping Stone Belt. A sort of bandolier for storing and transporting flat stones to be bounced on the surface of a river, lake or sea. The already cut leather becomes more elastic through immersion in water. Then a wooden mould is inserted to press and shape the leather to make a circular pocket. To the question of whether we can live without this, we answer: no! Can you?

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