Celine’s Haute Maroquinerie is hyper-luxurious, and above all, unique

Celine's Haute Maroquinerie is hyper-luxurious, and above all, unique

Made to order, produced by a single artisan. This is super-luxury by Hedi Slimane, the creative director who launched Celine’s Haute Maroquinerie collection. Two bags, the 16 and the Triomphe, are made of crocodile leather and embellished with gold and diamonds. These 16 bag requires 17 hours of work by a single craftsman. The Triomphe takes 12 hours. The collection changes the narrative of the product, which is no longer mass-produced but customised and unique, reinforcing the concept of exclusivity.

Celine’s Haute Maroquinerie

Celine launched a collection of bags produced exclusively on commission and by a single artisan. All items are made of Niloticus crocodile leather which is handcrafted, polished with agate stone and cut only after the order is placed. Even the handles are hand-stitched. These accessories are completed by an internal mirror also lined with crocodile leather, 18-carat gold buckles with diamonds and the customer’s initials embossed on the leather. The product is then stored in a lacquered eucalyptus wood box.

The purpose of Slimane

Slimane’s aim is to enhance the craftsmanship of the product. As well as offering the customer “a relationship with the object that is at once cultural, personal and rare”, reads Nss Magazine. A craftsmanship that begins with the manual processing of the leather. Each bag is therefore unique, is only put into production after the order has been placed, and does not contemplate the usual mass production of the article. The brand does not specify where it produces its bags, but we do know that, through the company Celine Production, the brand in LVMH‘s orbit owns several factories in Tuscany: in Radda in Chianti (where the bags come from) and Strada in Chianti (where it has transferred the one in Impruneta).

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