Tech shoe: German Desma makes plans for the factory of the future

German Desma started construction of the factory of the future. The company based out of Achim, in northern Germany, is specialized in the construction of “footwear production systems” and had 260 employees that create 60 lines per year. Few in comparison to the number of orders it receives. “We have experience impressive growth over the past two years, and consequently, the current buildings that male up our factory have reached their limits in terms of capacity and space”, explains Klaus Freese, ceo of Desma, in an official note posted on the company’s website. “We decided to create a new building that will allow us to design a completely new plant based on the “Green Field” principle, and to create new efficient production processes”, comments Klaus Freese. “This is our plan to defend our competitive advantage and safeguard our employees’ jobs here inside the Achim site”, he added. The production surface of the new building will be of 12,000 square meters, while the offices will cover a space of 4,500 square meters. The site will be built in a U-shape and will be 3 stories tall, inclusive of space for personnel and a cafeteria. The project was designed to better answer the needs of a LEAN production method. “This will optimize our work processes while maintaining, at the same time, our elevated quality standards and it will make us more flexible”, stated Freese. The breaking-ground ceremony (in picture) took place a few days ago and should be finished within a year. Desma’s “factory of the future” should be fully operational by summer 2020.

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