Fashion brands to conquer China with bags: this is the war of bags

Fashion brands to conquer China with bags: this is the war of bags

They have already called it the war of bags. In fact, luxury brands aim to conquer the Chinese market: this is crystal clear at this point. What stands out, in the meantime, is their attempt to carry it out with leather goods rather than promoting other types of products. As a matter of fact, it seems that bags are made on purpose to be launched on social networks. Then, if everything runs smoothly and works well, results, in terms of sales and earnings, show up immediately.

The war of bags

At the beginning of the year, Dior presented its Bobby model (in the picture, taken from and showed that products should be launched, at that time, first in China, then in Europe. In other words, the usual release layout must be reversed. Likewise, even after the end of the pandemic outbreak, it seems unlikely that things will get back as they used to be. To launch newly made bags on the Chinese market first will be no longer an exception, but the rule.

Not to mention more and more relevant investments. Among others, just think about Cleo bag, highly promoted by Prada. As remarked by Asian press, this is an unprecedented case in the history of fashion brands. For the records, their predilection for leather goods also depends on the fact that bags seem to be “naturally connected with social media”. That is why bags are progressively gaining a considerably prominent role in digital marketing, more than in the prêt-à-porter one.

Marketing tools

Fashion houses make use of artistic tools, such as exhibitions, trade shows and videos, to promote and advertise classic bags. Such tools strengthen the brand image. Conversely, as regards new models, they rather opt for social media. This twofold modus operandi has become, at this point, the standard strategy implemented by luxury brands. Yet, on the other hand, competition keeps increasing.

As it stands, fashion houses can no longer just rely on currently outstanding celebrities and influencers to promote and advertise their products. They must rather focus their attention on a marketing strategy which is supposed to be more and more complicated and costly. And risky too. In fact, it is going to be far more difficult to achieve a successful accomplishment and, at the same time, to release an IT bag.

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