After chromium-based products, Lanxess increases prices of products for organic chemical products

Lanxess raises prices of all of the organic chemical products for the leather with immediate effect. According to the company statement, the increase is due to rise prices of raw materials and basic operating costs. For Lanxess, which in recent months has already raised twice the lists of chromium-based products (see the interview with Mario Garrone, Regional Head of Marketing and Sales Business Unit of Lanxess Leather for EMEA, of LaConceria n. 9), continues the season of price increases. The German chemical group, which closed the 2016 budget with total revenues were significantly lower (7.9 to 7.7billion euro in a year), but with net sales up 16.4% (from 165 192 million) plan investments. It is 100 million budget earmarked for the expansion of production facilities. 40 are designed for the two facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia, the other 60 for the Schleswig-Holstein systems (even in Germany) and Belgium. The program provides for the delivery of work for 2020.


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