Milano XL: 6 extra-large-sized cubes narrate the story of leather’s and the fashion supply chain’s sustainability

Milano is back to being ‘extra-large’ for fashion week Milano (planned for September 18th through 24th). The second edition of Milano XL is an event that enlarges the meaning of the runways (also timing wise, since it goes from September 12th to the 24th), it goes into the city, it has as subtitle an Italian word-game “Mostra-Dimostra”, (Show-Demonstration), and finally, it aims at, explain the organizers, “giving back to as many people as possible: an idea, an image , and a map of the Italian Fashion System. And the definition of Fashion System is already reductive: we are talking about a supply chain that goes from textiles to finished products, a chain that has no others alike in the world for completeness and quality, one that touches the textile, clothing, footwear, leather goods, tanning, sunglasses, cosmetic, goldsmith segments. A system that Milano XL celebrates by placing 6 giant cubes around Milan’s city-centre, that “beside from showing and narrating through images and sounds, are concrete and will lead the ones who will let it, to reflection”. Which? The one regarding sustainability: “The topic of sustainability is the common string between all 6 cubes and it ties all sectors of the Italian Fashion System together”. One of the cubes will tell the story of the identity and excellence of Italian leather, which is promoted and defended by UNIC – Concerie Italiane and Lineapelle. It will be located near Villa Reale in Milan, and its structure (as that of other cubes does) will use the metaphor of a hive’s modularity. The outside and inside walls will be mirrored, a led-wall where 6 interviews, regarding sustainability, of 6 tanners will be on a loop. Along the interviews there will be data showcased on the wall; data from the Sustainability Report, by UNIC – Concerie Italiane that is updated every year. Another wall will function as an exposition area, where the public will be able to have a direct touch-experience of the excellent sustainability of Italian leather, with magnifying glass that will be a part of the installation. The magnifying glass will give the public “a macro-vision of Italian leather’s search for details and craftsmanship”.



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