From tanning machinery to bags: at Lineapelle Gianni Maitan (Gemata) presents his own brand, GMVenezia

Leather and photography. Leather goods and nature. That’s the way we may recap, very quickly though, the project carried out by Gianni Maitan, photographer and managing director of Gemata, a leading company in the manufacturing of tanning machinery. Yesterday, at Lineapelle, Maitan presented his own leather goods accessories brand: GMVenezia. Distinguishing features: he printed on bags and rucksacks, strictly in leather, some of his famous photo shots, taken during his photograph safari, in the past years, all over the world. “Ten years ago I first thought about printing photos on leather, but at that time technology was not so advanced yet – tells Maitan -. This year I decided it was high time I was starting a new adventure, and I therefore made some prototype models, which were rather successful among my friends and trade experts as well: hence, we started the production”. Bags, shoppers, rucksacks and purses are totally made in Italy: leather is being tanned in the district of Arzignano; subsequently we print on it some images, which are previously selected thanks to a cutting-edge digital copying developed by a Tuscan company. At that point products get back to Veneto, to be hand-assembled by a local artisan and, thanks to a valuable tip given by Fenice, a chemical manufacturing company, they are coloured by using buffering and spray techniques. “In April we were up to the development of a website, a portal for e-commerce, which we placed on the market last week”, points out Maitan.


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