M.Gemi enters the leather goods’ market and supports Italian artisans

Gemi enters the leather goods’ market and supports Italian artisans

M.Gemi opens its doors to handbags and supports Italian artisans. The footwear company founded by Maria Gangemi in 2015, entered a new market. A business choice? Maybe, but only in part. The operation also focuses on giving more opportunity to many artisans (spread across the country) that have seen many of their orders cancelled due to the pandemic.

M.Gemi supports Italian artisans

The pillar on which M.Gemi is built is the direct-to-consumer model. An aspect that includes strict collaboration with artisans that make shoes for the brand. Thanks to these collaborations with small laboratories, Gangemi has felt the challenges that these individuals are facing due to the pandemic.  Among these people are footwear masters, as well as manufacturers of leather handbags that are sold to luxury brands. One in particular, called Angelo, has a small store in the hills of Abruzzo that particularly impressed the designer. “He had no work after the pandemic and was on the verge of closing down”, says Gangemi to fastcompany.com. “I wanted to do something to help him – she continued – because I believe his know-how and mastery must be preserved”.

The first collection of handbags

Here is where the idea of creating a collection of handbags was generated. The 1st ever for the brand, with all the difficulties and risks associated with similar ventures. In May, continues the portal, the design of the brand was all laid out during videoconferences, of course. The result? A collection of 4 handbags made with Italian leather: one for work, one pochette, one shoulder bag and one hobo.

Image from mgemi.com

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