British leather area to reorganize their lobbying, while European meat fears Hard Brexit

“What are we supposed to do, how shall we schedule our agenda, to represent you best?”. The UK Leather Federation, which is the association of the British leather area, launched a social survey on their website (due on December 15th) to ask their members about the setting of the works on their future agenda. UKLF is ready to face renewal: earlier this year they published their five-year work programme, which firmly aims to increase the number of their members and enhance their representativeness. Brexit, of course, is one of the top issues. The same goes for UECBV, while slightly climbing the industry chart: according to the association of the EU livestock and farming industry, if “hard Brexit” came true, it would be “a disaster” for the business. In fact, owing to the meat trade collapse, due to the implementation of high duties, between Great Britain and the EU area, “2,4 billion euros, in manufacturing value, and 32,000 jobs” would go up in smoke. Hence, clears up the association, both parties have high hopes for a soft Brexit, with no customs barriers.


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