LV, the six artists involved in the fourth edition of Artycapucines

LV, the six artists involved in the fourth edition of Artycapucines

For the fourth edition of Artycapucines, Louis Vuitton engaged six artists. Who? Amelie Bertrand, Daniel Buren, Ugo Rondinone, Peter Marino, Park Seo-Bo and Kennedy Yanko. It was their mission to reinvent the iconic Capucines with their own style. LV unveiled the Artycapucines 2022 collection at Paris+, Art Basel organisers’ new art fair.

The fourth edition of Artycapucines

 Amelie Bertrand

The colour combination of the bag’s calfskin body derives from the meticulous hand-spraying technique that preceded the application of the luminous decorative lines.

Daniel Buren

The bag’s design features symmetrical halves: each side in a different coloured Louis Vuitton Taurillon leather, with a matt treatment.

Ugo Rondinone

The extraordinary harlequin pattern on Rondinone’s bag is the result of hand-embroidering some 15,000 tiny beads onto the leather body of the bag, a process that takes over 100 hours per bag.

Peter Marino

The body of the bag is a precise patchwork of hand-cut strips of fine calfskin, to which 315 studs are applied. The leather handle is woven and assembled by hand.

Park Seo-Bo

To recreate the texture of the image, the calfskin leather must first be treated with a “coup de pinceau” effect, similar to a brushstroke. Then it takes a 3D rubber injection based on a high-definition scan of the painting to be applied to the leather. To ensure that each bag is a perfect reproduction, the leather is then finished by hand.

Kennedy Yanko

First, he 3D printed the body of the bag with rust and weathering effects. Then, the artisans introduced a special patina and delicate touches of gold pigment, emphasising the ripples and folds of the coated leather. The shape of the bag is extracted from a strip of varnished leather, scanned and 3D printed to create a mould on which the leather is applied, worked and stiffened.

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