Fur fends off attacks in San Francisco and wins in Sweden

A San Francisco la pelliccia si difende, in Svezia vince

We can talk about a counterattack, to some extent. In fact, fur fends for itself and, in some cases, achieves victory. At the beginning of 2020, the fur business stands up against its aggressive opponents and fends off attacks. In San Francisco, IFF and FICA have filed an appeal against fur ban. In Sweden, they have rejected a petition for fur farming ban.

Fur fends off attacks

On 1st January 2020, the ban on fur trade, formerly approved in San Francisco in 2018, has entered into force. Yet, IFF (International Fur Federation) has taken counterattack action, while filing an appeal with the US District Court for the Northern District of California: they claim that the decision is unconstitutional. As reported by media, IFF stressed the fact that, by imposing such ban, they have not approved “a rule that safeguards human health or improves animals’ welfare”, but simply caused an interference in trade relations and exchange in the area. Furthermore, such ban “forces citizens to abide by moral principles: something like that never happened before”, commented an IFF spokesperson while speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle. Likewise, while talking to the same daily newspaper, Keith Kaplan, from FICA (Fur Information Council of America), remarked that a real progressive attitude of mind “is not supposed to urge individuals not to buy furs, telling them what they can and what they cannot wear”. What is it then? “Supporting scientific projects that aim at animal welfare and conservationism”, he wrapped up.

Sweden says no

Sweden’s Minister of Agricultural Policies rejected a petition for ban on mink farming in the country. “There are no scientific assumptions to revise the law”, commented the Ministry’s top officials, as reported by Sustainable Fur website. In addition, while updating and reviewing several scientific publications on the topic, Sweden’s Agriculture Council acknowledged that, since 2012 onwards, farming conditions have been remarkably better, mostly thanks to private intervention implemented in favour of animal welfare.

Picture taken from IFF Facebook account

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