Malone Souliers enters the handbags market: guess where they are made

Malone Souliers enters the handbags market: guess where they are made

Malone Souliers launches its first handbag collection. And it is made in Italy, as are the shoes. The British luxury brand has crossed the boundaries of footwear to expand into the lucrative territory of leather goods. Its offer consists of timeless items that the brand combines with shoes. The collection comprises four models, available in two different colours and finishes. The bags are made in Italy. Where else?

Malone Souliers enters the handbag market

“Shoes and bags are inseparable in our collective fashion imagination. – Mary Alice Malone, the brand’s founder and creative director, comments in a note – The name Malone Souliers has become synonymous with high-end footwear, so bags could only be the next product to be made”. Bags, then, arrive eight years after the debut of her first shoe collection. “This collection,” continues the founder, “was an opportunity to apply our meticulous production techniques and extremely refined aesthetics to a new sector. To push us into uncharted territory and to approach the task with enthusiasm and optimism” (source: Fashion United).

Made in Italy, of course

The production techniques referred to by Mary Alice Malone are Italian. The founder knows them well, since her shoes are already made in Italy. This decision to come to Italy to develop the new leather goods project is therefore a foregone conclusion. Prices range from 695 euros for the Vivien clutch to 1,190 euros for the Audrey in brown leather with crocodile embossing.

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