Belgium, the leather sandals that reveal a history of 500 years ago

Belgio, i sandali in cuoio che svelano una storia di 500 anni fa

A bronze bell, three almost intact leather sandals, and some cutouts of the same material. The subsoil of Aarschot tells a story that is 500 year old. The Belgian town lies 40 kilometres from Brussels, in the middle of Flanders. Since the Middle Ages, Aarschot has been known for working with wood and textiles. And today, an open construction site in the city center, confirm what is written in the history books.

Leather sandals

Excavations began in early February for the construction of a new industrial project involving residential structures and a shopping center along Rue des Martyrs. Here, as the local information portals tell, workers came across a very interesting discovery. A hundred finds dating back to the middle of the last millennium have come to light from the subsoil. Among these are a practically intact wooden basket, a stone well, a bronze bell for cows and three almost completely intact leather sandals.


For archaeologists, it was not a surprise. According to expert reconstructions, in the Middle Ages this area of ​​the city housed an open courtyard, as confirmed by the well. All around, however, there were houses. The discovery of leather sandals, and small cutouts of the same material, demonstrates the presence of a thriving artisan activity. A small industry that grew thanks to the presence of the waters of river Demer, and which made Aarschot famous in the region until the 19th century.




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