MSCHF strikes again with iconic bag that merges four

MSCHF strikes again with iconic bag that merges four

MSCHF ‘s latest provocative idea is the Global Supply Chain Telephone Bag. It is an iconic bag that fuses four: Hermès Birkin, Celine Luggage, Dior Saddle and Balenciaga Hourglass Balenciaga. But it is also a combination of Peru, Portugal, India and China. The aim of the creative collective is to unmask consumer myths about concepts such as “value”, “authenticity” and “style”. And to elevate the links in the supply chain to the role of designers. In doing so, MSCHF challenges the concept of the it bag.

An iconic bag that merges four

MSCHF started thinking about the experiment around a year ago. He had designed an inverted shoe (still on sale on StockX), the imperfections of which a company would correct. Hence the idea: get a manufacturing company to develop an idea. Indeed, to companies from several countries. Initially, MSCHF sent the factories a model of the bag along with directions such as “Can you make it more feminine?”, creative director Kevin Wiesner tells the New York Times. The responses were not satisfactory. So, they changed course. The brand asked a Peruvian manufacturer to create a bag similar to the Hermès Birkin. MSCHF then sent the prototype to a Portuguese factory with a request to modify it to resemble the Celine Luggage.

It didn’t end there

The result of the Portuguese passage arrived at a supplier in India, who were asked to give the bag a brushstroke of Saddle Dior. The creative journey ended in China, where they gave the product a touch of Balenciaga’s Hourglass. This end result is a leather “Frankenstein bag” with twill lining and detachable shoulder strap. From 21 February, it will be available in limited quantities on MSCHF website in black, baby pink, Yves Klein blue and tangerine for USD 650.

The aim

The aim of the experiment is to highlight the hidden creative work of the supply chain. That is, to bring out how the producer contributes to the final product through his ideas. Those that are purely creative, in response to vague or absent indications. And those that arise from the expedients needed in production. The collective is not afraid of being sued by brands: “Our bag is a complementary work, not a substitute”, observes John Belcaster, MSCHF’s legal advisor.

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