The NBA leaves Spalding for Wilson, but doesn’t give up on leather

The NBA leaves Spalding for Wilson, but doesn't give up on leather

The NBA changes supplier for its balls, but does not give up on leather. The American professional basketball league has decided that Spalding will no longer produce the official ball from next season. The contract goes to Wilson. But the league itself specifies that the new supplier will present balls with the same characteristics and made with the same leather as the current one.

It does not give up on leather

Why this clarification? The NBA rarely makes changes in the equipment. In the nearly 75 years of its history, the balloon supplier has only changed four times. But there is a case that created a sensation. In 2006 the league and Spalding decided to switch from a model in leather to one in a synthetic material. After a few games, the players swooped loudly at the ball, forcing the NBA to retrace its steps. That is why USA basketball today has taken precautions, stating that the new ball will be made exactly like the current one. The leather is that of Horween Leather Company. Each ball requires three to four square meters of leather.

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