LVMH relaunches Moynat, a long-lived brand with a craftsmanship’s heart

LVMH relaunches Moynat, a long-lived brand with a craftsmanship’s heart

Expansion into the digital world, the opening of new boutiques, colourful bags that you carry hands free. LVMH relaunches Moynat with precise distribution and style strategies. But the focal point is certainly craftsmanship, which according to Sidney Toledano is “the heart of Moynat”.

LVMH relaunches Moynat

Moynat was founded in 1849, anticipating Louis Vuitton by five years. In 2011, LVMH decided to reactivate the maison. For this reason, the holding has appointed Lisa Attia as CEO and Nicholas Knightly as creative director. Market sources cited by WWD estimate that Moyant’s turnover is around 50 million euros. Now the brand is ready for a new phase of growth.

The appeal

“It is time to reaffirm the reputation and desirability of the brand and to maintain its craftsmanship” – Toledano, president and CEO of LVMH Fashion Group, as well as president and supervisor of Moynat, tells WWD. “For a brand with such a strong heritage and legitimacy, the opportunity is to expand appreciation for craftsmanship to a younger audience”. In Knightly’s office stands a blackboard made up of small leather samples, reports WWD.

They come in a staggering range of shades – many are in the grained “taurillon” leather that Moynat is known for. Colours are the hallmark of the latest collection, where black bags are banned. “Heritage is the greatest asset of the brand. It gives authenticity, and also a kind of authority – says Knightly, who notes how the leather corners of some bags are sewn in the same way as in the nineteenth century -. Nowadays, as many things are mass-produced, this savoir-faire is more precious”.

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