There are three Chinese leather goods brands that challenge designer brands

There are three Chinese leather goods brands that challenge designer brands

Discovering three successful Chinese handbag brands: Songmont, Oleada and Cafunè. The first two focus on product practicality and functionality. The third on design and uniqueness. All three use unusual communication to try to make their way in the crowded world of handbags in China. Western brands reign supreme in Beijing, but in recent years, a growing number of independent Chinese leather goods brands have been showing up at fashion weeks. And, according to Jing Daily, thanks to the comfort and practicality of these brands’ designs and prices that are three digits lower than those of designer brands, these independent Chinese brands will capture a significant slice of the Chinese market.

Three Chinese leather goods brands challenging designer brands

Songmont (pictured, right)

It is a brand founded in 2013 and has an average price range of USD250 to USD350. It is the best-selling Chinese brand in Tmall’s accessories ranking. According to the brand’s founder, Song Fu, the focus on meeting customers’ everyday needs is the formula for success. The best-selling model is the leather Song Bag. The Tofu bag and the wrinkled leather Wonton are also up-and-coming products.


It is a modern luxury bag brand founded in 2020. It focuses on business bags. The Wavia model (from USD 565) is the best seller and can be transformed into a shoulder bag or backpack. Songmont and Oleada, who both make practical and chic products, say that the needs of customers around the world are very similar. “I worked in an American company for 16 years. I noticed that, although there are differences between cultures, people’s needs with respect to handbags are very similar,” said Songmont’s founder.

Cafuné (left photo)

It is a Hong Kong brand known for its sculptural shapes. It is a brand diametrically opposed to the first two and dominates the designer bag market. The best-selling model is the Stance bag (USD627) in scratch-resistant leather.

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