Bizzarri at Lineapelle: Italian Leather Valley, a uniqueness to be nurtured

Bizzarri a Lineapelle: la Leather Valley italiana, unicità da nutrire

An important visit to Lineapelle yesterday, by Marco Bizzarri. The Gucci chairman and CEO entered the fair and made some very significant statements to La Conceria on the importance of the Italian tanning supply chain and how Gucci is working to stimulate “change from within”. And announcing a new research project in Tuscany.

A uniqueness to nurture

“The art of leather processing,” says Bizzarri, “finds its strength in a highly specialised territorial system that the world envies us.  It is no coincidence that the world’s most important brands come to Italy’s Leather Valley to make their products. This excellence, this uniqueness, must be nurtured, allowed to grow and respected: there is no alternative that equals it. With a supply chain of over 60 tanneries, including some of our own, we are working to bring about change from within, under the banner of sustainable innovation. By making substantial investments and pooling priorities, technologies, resources such as, for example, a new research centre that we will inaugurate in the coming months in Tuscany”.

Collaboration and support

“We have always tried,” Bizzarri continues, “to nurture and nourish change from within, by collaborating with all the players in the supply chain who are making significant efforts in terms of investment to be more advanced and sustainable. And this is the only way we know, collaboration and support, to continue to innovate and become more and more a leader of change”.

New ways to know-how

“Sustainability and innovation are in fact a mental attitude that runs through our way of doing business, and has brought concrete results. I am thinking, for example, of the introduction of production best practices – from tanning without the use of heavy metals, which now accounts for 40% of our production, to the study of innovative processes for up-cycling – but also of the development of new ways to know-how. Like Scrap-less, an innovative method that allows us to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of production”.

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