UK, Walsall Leather Skills Center trains new saddlers and leather goods workers

UK, Walsall Leather Skills Center trains new leather workers

British county West Midlands is training new saddlers and leather goods workers. The Saddlers Company Charitable Fund opened a new training facility on October 7th, 2020, to train the area’s young workers. They will learn how to handle leather to bring local traditions forward.

New saddlers and leather goods workers

Walsall Leather Skills Center has opened on October 7th, 2020. The project can count on the support of the Saddlers Company Charitable Fund, of which the main supporter is Worshipful Company of Saddlers. In other words, the historic saddles’ manufacturer based in London. By working with training company Performance Through People, Saddlers Company Charitable Fund converted the empty retail space in a training lab that offers a vast variety of coursed focused on saddles and leather goods, such as the level 3 saddler training.

An assist to young people and businesses

The goal is to provide a steady stream of trained employees that can replace the current aging workforce present in saddleries and leather goods’ makers around the city. There used to be about 150 such companies operating in the leather segment in Walsall, but there are only 80 today. Saddlers Company Charitable Fund’s investment in this new site, as well as in this initiative, will help local leather businesses to be better prepared to face the threat of foreign competitors, which has hardly hit the local manufacturing chain.

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