At Innovation Square, creativity is Burberry’s state of mind

I primi interventi di Lineapelle Innovation Square

Innovation is not something running in sealed, airtight segments: brands laboratories on one side, academies on the other and research institutes on their own. “There are many problems, which affect the supply chain, about materials, around creative issues as well”, pointed out JalaJ Hora, senior vice president of Burberry Raw Materials, Product Engineering and Quality (in the picture). That is why innovation “is a state of mind – said the manager while addressing the audience of Lineapelle Innovation Square -, a process that needs democracy, where all parties involved must have an opportunity to provide their own support”. The British luxury brand is currently striving, with some partnerships, with Elvis & Kresse, among others, to reconsider their own business model: “In our company we have been implementing a few mega-trends about sustainability, circularity and innovation – added Hora – which subsequently affect our activities. We cannot say that we shall be circular next year, but we can progressively improve. Technology is enabler: our aim is to create the heritage of the future”.

Lineapelle Innovation Square

“Lineapelle is able to present all business innovation with regard to sustainability and circularity – started of Fulvia Bacchi, chief executive officer of the fashion materials exhibition –. Our exhibiting companies turn out to be the symbol of excellence, and Innovation Square, on its second edition, aims to act as a stimulating place”. “Leather industry entrepreneurs are often very busy with their daily work – remarked Federico Brugnoli (Spin 360), supervisor of the space –. After pinpointing the market change trends, until 2030, Innovation Square aims to be an inspiration and networking hub”. “Sustainability is the cutting-edge challenge of the moment, and we are ready to face it – reassured Graziano Balducci, president of SSIP -; our institute is ready to support the whole industry, not only tanneries, but also brands and chemicals suppliers”.


Looking at Innovation Square agenda, on the first day they will arrange some debates on “New Aesthetic Possibilities” and “Fit for you”. Such themes are about aesthetic options, which are multiple, and mass-customisation frontiers, made feasible by new technologies; on the second day, they will focus on nanotechnologies, bio-based materials and wearable fashion.


Photos by Agatha Eliseva and Tommaso Bruno / Polimoda



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