The excellence of Italian leather at the White House: Incas Parma calfskin binds Barack Obama to Donald Trump

Parma calfskin has arrived as far as Washington”. It is with pride and amazement that the owners of Conceria Incas (Castelfranco di Sotto) tell how their finest leather was chosen by the White House to bind precious books, invitations and caskets. The Parma article, a certified and registered product, entered the White House a few years ago, when it was selected by the official US President bookbinder for the cover of a book on US history. The book was commissioned by then-President Barack Obama to be given it to all heads of state. “We received an order of 700 leathers – recalls Renzo Rosati – and shortly afterwards we received an invitation to a party at the American Embassy in Florence for the presentation of the book. The binding was made with our Parma leather, a very natural article on which is easy to make engravings”. The cover, in fact, had been engraved by a Florentine craftsman with trimmings in pure gold. It is the same special work done on the invitation box for the official celebration of the nomination as president of Donald Trump, on January 20, 2017, which the Tuscan tannery recently received at its headquarters. The blue leather casket bears the emblem of the White House engraved in gold and inside a very elegant card bearing the phrase “The 58th Presidential Inaugural. Commemorating the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States and Michael R. Pence as Vice President of the United States”. Also in gilded characters is the quotation from the second American president John Adams, dated 1800: “I pray Heaven to bestow the blessing on this House and all that shall hereafter inhabit it”. And it doesn’t end there. The collaboration of Conceria Incas with Washington continues: “There is an order in progress. They asked us for the exact same blue used for Trump’s invitation. A color made specifically for the White House”.


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