From Trend Areas to Lounge Areas: at Lineapelle96, a common thread runs through the fashion research process

Among other descriptions, Lineapelle96 defines itself as “a stylistic laboratory that, in this edition, connects the fashion content of the three Trend Areas to the new staging concept of the Lounge Areas. These were designed to formalise the fashion research process by dividing the exhibition up thematically, and to give a tangible form to the colours and conceptual reference points of the 2020 summer season.” A common thread or, in other words, a precise common denominator unites the staging of the Trend Areas (itself caught between human influences and technological tension) and of the four exhibition zones dedicated to a more relaxed approach. One, along Row A of Pavilion 9, takes its name from the key theme of Lineapelle96’s trends for the 2020 summer: Co-Natural. The zone in Pavilion 11 (Row A) aims to offer a Natural Experience. The zone in Row A, Pavilion 22, gives a renewed meaning to the idea of craftsmanship (it’s no coincidence that it’s named Re-New Archive), while the one in Pavilion 24 highlights the “fundamentals” that form the basis of any product or accessory: quality standards.



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