Trend, Lineapelle96 materials: enhanced workmanship and luminescence, without saying goodbye to the basic

At Lineapelle96 materials too speaontek a contemporary language, deriving from a technological revolution that has changed forever the way of perceiving reality, including fashion. Within the new concept of “Co-Natural”, which guides the trends for the summer 2020 elaborated by the Lineapelle Fashion Committee, a new approach to the subject and then to aesthetics is identified. “Thinking about Co-Natural means tackling important issues such as the sustainability of work and the ethics of traceability: it means becoming aware of the complexity and mobility of the contemporary world”, explains Antonella Bertagnin, coordinator of the Fashion Committee. “Materials use the superpowers of research to tell new and performing stories like never before”. The result is new luminescence and “increased” effects in processing and finishing, a bit like an “augmented reality” usually observed behind a screen. The technological implementation coexists with the natural, in contrast to a basic that has the role of cardinal point.



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