Brioni confirms 321 layoffs. “Kering should invest in manufacturing”

Brioni confirms 321 layoffs. “Kering should invest in manufacturing”

The meeting held on October 21 inside the Mistry for Economic Development didn’t bring good news for the Abruzzo-based manufacturing sites in Penne, Montebello di Bertona and Civitella Casanova. Not only did Brioni confirm 321 layoffs, but also made known that 200 additional workers “have already underwritten specific agreements to receive severance packages”, according to ANSA. Unions, while understanding of the period’s difficulties and the need to reduce debts, have asked Kering (which controls Brioni) to invest in manufacturing and relaunch the brand.

Brioni confirms 321 layoffs

The meeting saw the participation of Brioni’s representatives, people from the Labor Ministry, Abruzzo region, Lombardy region and local union representatives. Kering-owned brand explained the 2021-2025 industrial plan, which focuses on the organic restructuring of the company. The plan, signed by workers’ representatives as well, includes the “rationalization of the cost structure” and the “reorganization of the manufacturing matrix”. Specific integrations for employees retiring by 2025 and other incentives for those laid off are also present.


Unions now ask additional efforts. “We are aware that the current economic phases are still complicated – reads the note -, but Kering must invest in increasing competences and manufacturing: the real wealth of Brioni. Contrary to that, the loss of know-how risks of impoverishing the brand”. Unions don’t appear to accept the perspective that the next steps of the industrial plan will continue to cut jobs.

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